Winter Maintenance

Winter Maintenance


*Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a zipped file that contains a PDF booklet with all the programs and weekly outline proposals for the winter season and for ski camps. The booklet is 11 pages. Each exercise has a clickable link in which Marie-Michele shows and tells you how to do the exercise. The PDF’s are both printable and clickable (online). Easy-peasy!

The Winter Maintenance program was designed to be used at ski camps and during the competitive season to help maintain strength and power as well as learn the basics of recovery for performance. A lot of physical gains can be made during the season especially for young skiers. 

With this program, you will have guidance and structure to help you maximize your time on snow and get an edge over your competition for long-term development. 

You have 6 different categories of workouts to do post-skiing. As a bonus, we have added another two unique workouts to get your neural system activated after some days off and the day before a race.

Equipment you will need access to:

Bosu ball, foam roller, tennis balls, medicine ball, Swiss ball, bands, cones, ladder, hurdles, weights, TRX, box, lifting bar, soccer ball.

Types of workout:

Basic recovery, Core circuit, balance, movement, mobility, ski-specific movements, pre-race activation and post days off activation.